Jim Riley of Riley's Outdoor Consulting in New Zealand

Riley’s Outdoor Consulting LLC is owned and managed by me, Jim Riley. My career in the outdoor industry started over 20 years ago when I began part-time guiding.  Riley’s Outdoor Consulting LLC consists of five main departments: trip consultation, outfitting, habitat seed sales, fundraising, and specialized marketing for businesses in the outdoor field. I have spent nearly all of my career in the outdoor industry. 

What began as a part-time, “moonlighting job” quickly turned into my full-time career.   Soon after I decided I was going to try to make the outdoor industry my life style, not my hobby I was approached by Cabela’s to join their Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures team. I had an amazing run at Outdoor Adventures and decided I would spend my life assisting others in their pursuit of the outdoors! I left Cabela’s in order to have a more flexible schedule which would allow me to not only work as an International Hunting & Fishing Consultant but afford me the flexibility to guide in Colorado and eventually Alaska in the fall and South Dakota in the spring.

Five years ago, I merged the trip consultation portion of Riley’s Outdoor Consulting with a successful businessman, world-renowned hunter, and conservationist Jay Link.  Jay and I have known each other since our days at UW-Stout. I managed Jay’s International Hunting & Fishing Agency,  Our partnership has been a very successful one! We sent hunters all over the world in search of their bucket-list hunting and fishing adventures.

As of August 2017, I am back managing my business, Riley’s Outdoor Consulting and doing what I do best! I welcome you to take a look at the site and see if there is something I could assist you with in the great outdoors!