I take my duties as a company Pro Staff member very seriously. Outdoor companies rely on sportsman and women who make their living in the outdoors to use and abuse there products  They understand if their gear can survive the rigors we can put it through it must be good! Companies rely on feedback from pro-staffers to assist in designing new products and reviewing current products  I am very selective on companies I work with as the last thing I need is more gear!  I want the best for my trips and I only recommend the best gear for my clients.  Below is a list of companies I support through there Pro-Staff programs. I have also listed gear that I absolutely recommend.






For years I wore Columbia PFG fishing gear.  Two years ago I became a member of their guides and outfitters program and have never looked back.  For fishing apparel this gear can’t be beat!



Leupold is a tried and true manufacturer of premier hunting optic products.  I use their spotting scopes, scopes, binos, and rangefinders. I am part of the Leupold pro-staff and will continue to use their products.



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Seattle Sports is my favorite choice when it comes to keeping my gear dry!  I have one of their extra-large waterproof duffels and I can tell that the thing is bullet-proof.  I love the fact that I can stuff it full of gear, leave it outside the tent in the pouring rain and everything stays completely dry. Seattle Sports specializes in waterproof bags and packs for all your gear from Iphone to a week long supply of gear for your next adventure.  I am eager to try out some of their kayak paddle, racks, and haulers.  When I do I will for sure do a review.




I have used the Eberlestock Dragon Fly pack on all of my Western hunts over the last three years.  During my last Alaskan hunt I brought along the Dragonfly and I just love how you can expand this pack to carry even the largest elk or caribou quarter. For more information please check out the website:




My favorite bino’s I own are the  Swarovski Optik 10x42 EL’s.  They are simply amazing.  I don’t try to beat these bino’s as much as I do but I hunt hard and these glasses just keep performing.  I make it a point every three years to send them into Swarovski for a complete rebuild.  For about $200.00 they do and amazing job. I receive a detailed invoice describing what they have done.  I always request all new lenses.  The invoice always comes with a friendly note for instructing me to please clean my lenses with a clean cloth. I find that amusing.  I guess the repairman or women has never spent 100 days a year in the field spotting, stalking, climbing, tripping, and falling.