CanaMaize for pheasant hunting!

My CanaMaize story started nine years ago when good friend, Tim Bratland of South Dakota, gave me a call to discuss a business opportunity he wanted to run by me.  Tim and I go way back.  Years ago, I discovered his family farm and made it our hunting group’s fall pheasant destination.

Tim is the General Manager for a regional seed dealer, Legend Seeds, Inc. Legend is based out of DeSmet, South Dakota and considered to be one of the most successful regional seed dealers in the United States.

Tim and I planned our meeting in St. Paul, Minnesota.  As Tim described the opportunity at hand, he had my full attention.  It seemed that Tim had made a strategic alliance with a seed development company based out of Manitoba.  The company had developed CanaMaize.  It was designed to be a fast-maturing corn that would be used as a major feed source for cattle in the Northern Tier states. The other market CanaMaize was starting to gain traction in was the wildlife habitat market, and that’s where I came in!

The product has several unique characteristics, most importantly, the fact that it is the fastest maturing Roundup Ready corn available today.  Amazingly, CanaMaize reaches full maturity at just 69 days.  It grows to a height of just 4.5 to 5 feet. The ears are very close to the ground, and we have found that the wild game loves CanaMaize just as much as the cattle!

As we continued to market CanaMaize, we found that it was an excellent corn product that could be used in a variety of wildlife habitat and food plot situations.

Pheasant Plots:  There is not a better corn to hunt in.  At full maturity, it is 4.5 to 5 feet tall making it easy to flush and shoot birds safely.

Waterfowl:  Let’s face it – ducks love corn.  I have hunted ducks in South America where it is legal to bait, and I can tell you from firsthand experience that corn is considered the very best bait available.  Here in the United States, folks plant it as part of their moist soil management projects.  It is ideal because it matures quickly. At that point, many waterfowl habitat managers will broadcast a crop, such as millet, between the rows. Remember, the ears are close to the ground, so less water is needed when flooding.  Ducks love corn, and CanaMaize is duck candy.

Deer:  Deer love corn too.  CanaMaize is an excellent product for your deer plots.  Either plant alone or plant in strips with forage soybeans.  It is short enough that you can hunt out of a stand over CanaMaize and still make the shot.

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Currently, CanaMaize is the main product I represent.  I am the national sales manager for CanaMaize.  In 2013, I added a few more specialty products that I can offer our growers.  In 2018, the plan is to have a full line of wildlife habitat products that I will be able to offer my customers.

If you have any questions on CanaMaize or any other wildlife habitat products, please feel free to give me a call at 406-580-4036 or send an email to