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The Best Memories Happen in The Great Outdoors!


Jim and Jane Riley own and manage Riley’s Outdoor Consulting LLC. Jim’s career in the outdoor industry began over Twenty-four years ago when he started part-time guiding. On the other hand, Jane spent twenty-seven years in the United States Air Force. Jane’s last assignment was as a Flight Commander at Joint Base Charleston; she retired as a Major in 2015 and loves her new life as a civilian.

Riley’s Outdoor Consulting LLC has three divisions: trip consultation, outfitting, and habitat seed sales. In addition, Jim and Jane recently became co-owners of the Ultimate Waterfowlers Challenge and Ultimate Waterfowl Adventures.

What began as a part-time “moonlighting job” quickly became a full-time career for Jim. After deciding to make the outdoor industry his lifestyle, not his hobby, he was approached by Cabela’s to join the Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures team. Jim had a fantastic run at Outdoor Adventures, where he crafted his skill at arranging global hunting and fishing adventures. He knew then he would spend his life assisting others in their pursuit of the outdoors! 

He left Cabela’s to have a more flexible schedule. This flexibility allowed him to not only work as an International Hunting & Fishing Consultant but afford him the flexibility to guide hunters and anglers in Colorado and Alaska in the fall and South Dakota in the spring. In 2009 he began to market wildlife habitat products; that business is now called Warrior Wildlife Systems and is still going strong today.

Note:  as of September 17, 2023 we are no longer offering any big game hunts except Alaska.  After nearly twenty-five years in that market we have decided to focus on Alaska hunting, Worldwide wingshooting and fishing.  That along with Warrior Wildlife Systems.